Mesage From Management of Mitcon Institute of Management - Top Rated PGDM College in Pune

Managing Trustee of MITCON Foundation

Dr. Pradeep Bavadekar

With a modest beginning in 1982 as a Technical Consultancy Organization dedicated to Detailed Project Reports and Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies for Small & Medium Enterprises, coupled with some training programmes in Entrepreneurship Development, MITCON today has come of age and is a major technical consulting team employing 200 professionals

We offer consultancy in Decentralised Power Generation, Carbon Credit, Energy Conservation, Environment Engineering, Biotechnology, Agro Processing, Infrastructure Development, besides training in IT, BT, Entrepreneurship & Management and serve clients from Corporates to Co-operatives, Government & Non-Government Organizations, SMEs’ to Large Industrial Houses, within the country and even abroad. We are a consulting force of this new Millennium equipped with transparency, economy and speed while aiming at profitability, viability and growth.

MITCON Institute of Management is our latest initiative to offer well groomed managerial manpower to industry. With half a decade successful track record we stand out as an exemplary institute. We welcome students to join our courses which opens career gateways for them.


Dr. Ganesh Rao

“With India taking the center stage on the global economic scene, Indian industries and commerce are facing enormous challenges on various fronts. Establishing and maintaining superiority, in terms of technology, quality, delivery and customer support, is the top priority for Indian companies. Although they are meeting the challenges strongly and with determination, the first signs of strain have started appearing. Indian corporates are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain the human talent that is required to face the formidable global challenges. Next decade will be decisive for the world economy and in turn for India, as we strive to build our own domestic economic infrastructure. Agriculture, Banking, Pharmaceuticals and Service sectors will be the driving forces in the economic thrust.

MITCON Institute of Management has evolved from a strong need to develop technomanagerial manpower for niche industry segments, into a socially conscious and integrated school of management. This need arises as a result of high degree of specialization in an increasingly competitive environment. MITCON is responsible to bridge the requirements for business minds who can work seamlessly into the corporate environment.

The overall objectives of the programs are:

  • To inculcate values of integrity, justice and fairness in our students.
  • To encourage development of an innovative and inclusive mindset.
  • To provide students with practical skills to address challenges of corporate competition.
  • To empower students to become effective leaders.

At MITCON, it has been our continuous endeavor to provide contemporary knowledge and techniques while stressing upon character, professionalism and progressive attitude in our students. With a strong faculty team which combines knowledge with rich industry experience, we are confident of meeting the challenges of the corporate world successfully.

I invite you to be a part of the MITCON experience!

Deputy Director-Corporate Relations

Ms. Vandana Bavadekar

The PGDM program at MITCON Institute Of Management is aimed at developing the skills required to lead and manage corporate relations in the rapidly globalizing networked economy.As you must be aware, there is a considerable gap between supply of quality management professionals and the demand for them. We at MITCON Institute Of Management aspire to abridge this gap by creating a cadre of professionals, who are intellectually strong, morally sound and professionally vibrant.

Apart from the course curriculum, the college has been imparting various value added courses in order to facilitate the students with harmonious blend of right attitude, skills and knowledge. ‘The Summer Internship Project’, ‘Live Projects’ and ‘Soft skills for Success’ are some of the unique practices we are using as tools for the transformation of an average graduate into a professional.

To make every student of MITCON Institute Of Management a success story by helping them become global leaders who can manage and lead change across diverse organizations. To strive to help and guide students get deserving placements through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships.

During their academic tenure the students go through a well planned rigorous course curriculum along with real life practical trainings and internships in reputed research institutes and/or corporate houses.

Placements and Summer Internship Programmes form an integral part of all the programmes in MITCON Institute Of Management . Live experiences in real time situations are given a wide emphasis. Students are placed in different organizations both research institutes and corporate organizations so that the students can apply their academic knowledge to the real life situations as well as getting an opportunity to be exposed to the practical situations. Thus developing the over all personality of the student.

Deputy Director-Business Administration

Dr.Rachna Gaur

MITCON provides a transformational experience to its students who are expected to maintain the highest standard of personal integrity, professional commitment and business ethics.

Life at the campus of the institute is a fantastic social experience which develops a sense of belongingness to the community among students and makes cross-cultural interaction easier in their future lives. It is a community that continues to grow the bond even when the days of campus life are over. and Values” are our guiding principles which are reflected in every activity of the Institute.We take care to inculcate these values among our students while shaping and sharpening their mindsets by the academic rigor of our programmes.

Students are always encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial sprit in their personality so that they spot opportunities, mobilise resources and develop innovative solutions to the critical problems of today.
Looking forward to welcome you to the Institute.

Deputy Director- Agri-Business Management

Dr. Amit Patil

Agriculture Business field growing very fast and having vast opportunities in input as well as output sector. The MITCON Agri-Business Management course is about transformation; it not only imparts knowledge, but reinforces in students the spirit of creative action. The curriculum of the ABM program is really exciting and challenging at the same time the new teaching environment with all the modern facilities are very attractive as well. The professors, academic, professional experience and placements are really inspiring. The different activities and events organized by MITCON are much appreciated by the students and agriculture community.

Deputy Director-Pharmaceutical Management

Mr.Nitpal Singh Chug

The Pharmaceutical Management Course at MITCON Institute of management is an integrated program specially designedto develop managerial skills in the Pharmacy stream. Pharmaceutical management course provides value based, tailor made quality education to the students to suit the needs of Pharmaceutical industry.We focus on developing students, over the period of two years, by rigorous academics, field work and market research for various positions in the Pharmaceutical Industry. To gain the experience and practical training, students spend eight weeks of course timeworking with Pharmaceutical Companies.It provides quality management with special focus on pharmaceutical management for developing business leaders by nurturing knowledge, skills, communication, attitude and behavior. The content of the program is designed to address the challenges being faced by the pharmaceutical industry.It aims at inculcating and improving the management skills, quality and standard of Pharmaceutical professionals to perform better in the competitive global environment.The course is reviewed & upgraded regularly through Curriculum Development Workshop (CWP) in consultation with our Board of Studies, which comprises of Directors from pharmaceutical companies and highly experienced faculty members.

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