Mitcon philosophy

Mitcon philosophy


To be a globally recognized Niche Business School for nurturing Professional Excellence.


1. To be the most preferred choice for student, faculty & recruiters.
2. To create & disseminate Knowledge in local, national & global context.
3. To promote ethical & Value-based learning.
4. To transform student into proficient human capital with global competencies.
5. To enhance employability quotient of student, nurture creativity & encourage entrepreneurship.
6. To develop extensive industry academia network & partnership.
7. To nurture responsive ethical leaders, who are sensitive to the environment & society.

MITCON Philosophy

MITCON is a galaxy of Dynamism, Dedication and Distinction where student enters as an individual and steps out as a star who will Outclass and Outshine. The semi-circle indicates Confidence and Outstanding abilities of MITCON graduates. The middle one denotes students delving in to the depth of knowledge & acquisition of effective problem-solving abilities and the last one implies the go-getting attitude of our student who will travel his way to glories and triumphant careers.

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