Disciplinary Policy

Action against Ragging

Ragging in any form (Teasing, abuse, physical torture etc.) within or outside Institute is strictly prohibited and punishable according to Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1999 viz. Upto two years rigorous imprisonment and / or fine of Rs. 10,000/- apart from expulsion from the institute.

Tobacco/Drug/Alcohol Policy

The student of MIMA shall abstain from Tobacco in any form, drugs and alcohol during their stay at the Institute and hostel. Violation of this policy may lead to cancellation of admission.

Attendance in the class

The students shall maintain minimum 75% attendance per semester. Any student failing to meet said standard shall be liable to get his/her term cancelled and in addition will not be allowed to participate in the campus recruitment program. Additionally he/she also be debarred from appearing for examinations.

Dress Code

We believe in inculcating a sense of discipline and belongingness in the students by observing strict formal dress code throughout the week. On the occasion of guest lectures and seminars, students shall be in uniform (Blazers, Tie, Trousers etc.) standardized by the Institute. Any student failing to adhere to dress code will not be allowed to attend lectures and will face disciplinary action.

Hostel Rules

Hostels have set rules which have to be strictly adhered to by the students. Students, who shall maintain the discipline in the hostels and ensure smooth functioning.