At MIMA, students are trained to be goal oriented and focused in their pursuit of knowledge.

The range of teaching and learning methods used at MIMA includes lectures, case studies, presentation on strategic issues; simulations, quizzes, assignments, competitions and practical projects. An emphasis is laid on the use of technology in learning. Further, enrichment is provided by way of guest lectures, workshops and seminars, wherein an awareness on current corporate issues is created.

The faculty acts as a facilitator and works in close association with the students to help gain better understanding of current economic issues. Students are taught to comprehend live corporate situations while grasping a realistic approach towards decision making. Faculty members are also appointed as mentors to the group of students whom they meet at regular intervals to know more about students’ learning patterns and guide them.

Classroom Learning

State-of-the-art infrastructure, spacious, modern and well equipped classrooms have been converted into effective learning centres. All rooms are equipped with digital smart boards for an interactive learning experience.

Case Study Method 

The case study method serves a dual purpose of understanding a situation and developing analytical skills. At MIMA, the facilitators believe in carefully planned and crafted studies of real life cases. This pedagogy helps to build a multi-dimensional approach.

Role Plays

One of the most effective training methods practiced at MIMA is role plays which allows a group of students to simulate work scenarios. It opens communication, puts a student ‘on-the-spot’ and develops camaraderie among those participating in the role play situations.


The institute invites experts from industry and finishing schools to conduct periodic workshops for students. These workshops help students to get inspired from the eminent personalities and become successful in their personal and professional life.

Project Reports

As an integral part of the curriculum, students are required to present a research project on a topic of their specialization. The project involves a great deal of industry interaction, market research and literature review.

Summer Internship

Six to eight weeks of summer training with reputed companies helps students to understand theoretical concepts learnt at the institute in a real life corporate context. Students work on live, time-bound projects and gain first-hand experience of the corporate culture and its requirements.

Industrial Visits

The institute arranges for periodic industrial visits, designed to provide students with first-hand knowledge of industry operations.

Language Lab

MIMA believes in the importance of acquiring proper communication skills. English Language Lab is designed to hone the communication competence of the students.