Institute & Academia Knowledge Session focused on the Veterinary Industry

MIMA Institute of Management hosted Vetina Healthcare LLP in a knowledge session of Start-Up To Stand-Out ‘The Rise of Veterinary Industry in India and its impact in Urban and Rural Markets.’

At the Balewadi (Pune) campus of MIMA Institute of Management, a fast growing and trusted leader in animal health solution Vetina Healthcare LLP paid a visit to participate in a knowledge session to bridge the gap between the academia and veterinary industry.
The dignitaries who presented at the event as keynote speakers and panelists are listed below

Mr. Prakash Khaire (Partner & CEO)

Mr. Vikas Anand (VP Companion Animal Business)

Dr. Seema Talokar (PM Companion Animal Business)

Mr. Ajit Yadav (BU Head Ruminant Business)

Dr. Ashok Shrivastav (BU Head Poultry Business)

Dr. Sitaram Waghambare (Sr. Manager Marketing & Technical Ruminant Division)

They were instrumental in delivering an impactful session on the Veterinary industry, the impact of Veterinary Industry in India, how it has evolved over the years and the milestones that need to be achieved, in additional to an overview of Vetina and its position in the market Prakash Khaire quotes

“we are very excited to be at the campus and address the questions coming from the students. It was remarkable to see the curiosity of the students about our Industry. Doing this also gave us confidence that the new generation of professionals serving the veterinary pharma industry will add a lot of positive impact overall to the industry. Our aim is also to hire from the best institutes as we are spread all over India in the urban market targeted to pets community which includes pet parents, veterinary Drs, pet shops and also the rural market which includes dairy farms, poultry farms, fish farms & para veterinary Drs. We can provide vast job opportunities in our industry.”

MIMA Institute of Management lead by Dr. Pradeep Bavadekar has always been in the forefront when it comes to merging academics with industrial experiences in the campus of learning. Recently launching a co-working and incubation initiative to empower entrepreneurship in campus Dr. Pradeep Bavadekar quotes “We as a institute are always conscious about bringing more industrial real-time knowledge to our students, this helps us to nurture our students with the current affairs and happening in the industry enabling them to become Industry ready. We are thankful to the management of Vetina Healthcare to invest their time with our students and students of other institutes who have attended the session.”

About MIMA

Strategically located at Balewadi, Pune, MIMA is an institute established in 2005 by MITCON Foundation associated with MITCON Consultancy and Engineering Services Ltd. an acclaimed consulting organization since 1982. We take immense pride in our devoted and enthusiastic faculty who lend MIMA a rich blend of industrial as well as academic experience and knowledge. MIMA’s primary objective is to mould young professional managers keeping in mind the dynamics of modern business and challenges of highly competitive global economic environment.

About Vetina Healthcare a leader in animal healthcare and wellness providing premium animal health products and value-added services that are trusted by animal owners, pet parents, and veterinary professionals across India. They are a good e.g. of a company that provides to the urban and rural cliental.



About Start-Up to Stand-Out a knowledge platform that promotes Entrepreneurship, organizing knowledge sessions, publishing success stories and run pitch events for startup ideas. It’s part of A Buzz Company.

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