Effective Communication Skills to be a successful Managers

Effective Communication Skills
to be a successful Manager

Communication is one of the most important skills a
manager needs to have for delegating tasks, resolving
conflicts, motivating employees, and building relationships.
Effective communication for :

● Effective delegation:

Managers need to
Communicate clearly and concisely when delegating
tasks to their team members so that everyone
understands what needs to be done and how.
● Conflict resolution:

Managers inevitably encounter
conflict in the workplace. Strong communication skills
help them to resolve conflicts in a constructive and
productive way.
● Motivation:

Managers need to motivate their team
members to perform their best. Strong communication
skills help to provide clear and inspiring goals, as well
as by exchanging regular feedback.
● Relationship building:

Managers need to build
strong relationships with their team members to be
build trust and rapport.

Tips to develop strong communication skills :

● Be an active listener:

Managers shall listen actively
to team members to understand concerns and ideas.
● Be clear and concise:

Use simple language, easy to
● Be respectful:

Respect your team members when
communicating. Avoid jargon, cryptic, or technical
● Be open honest:

Honesty is the best policy, easy
to implement. Don’t hesitate to share information and
answer questions.
● Care for your body language:

Body language
communicates just as much as words. See how it’s
perceived by others.
Remember ultimately you are dealing with human
beings who can’t perform without communication with
each other. Just see, you do it better.

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